American Magic partners with Esteco, leading simulation software firm

Published by MM Editor on Wednesday, 30th May 2018 - 2:12PM


New York Yacht Club American Magic ("American Magic"), the U.S. sailing team challenging for the 36th America's Cup, has announced a technical sponsorship with advanced simulation software firm ESTECO.

by American Magic: May, 30 2018 

As part of a world-class design effort for the AC75 class led by Botin Partners Naval Architecture, ESTECO will contribute with their cutting-edge products, "VOLTA" and "modeFRONTIER" and related support throughout the design process culminating in the America's Cup match in 2021.

"The cutting-edge nature of modern America's Cup boats means that we need the best design tools available," said American Magic Executive Director and Skipper Terry Hutchinson (Annapolis, Md.). "That is exactly what ESTECO will provide to our experienced design team, and we are excited to move forward together."

ESTECO has been a global leader in the simulation industry for over 20 years, and brings broad experience in aerospace, marine and other relevant sectors as they embark on a partnership to help win the America's Cup, the oldest trophy in international sport. Italian engineers Carlo Poloni (President), Luka Onesti (CTO) and Enrico Nobile (Scientific Advisor) founded the company in the late 1990's, and all remain involved as ESTECO continues to push technological boundaries.

"The new rules imposed to the design of the AC75 will make digital simulation of the boat and the design process itself fundamental for a competitive challenge", said Carlo Poloni, president of ESTECO. "We are proud and honored to be considered the best technology partner in this field by American Magic's great team of designers".

ESTECO's current clients include major names such as Lockheed Martin, Air Force Research Laboratory, Gulfstream and Airbus Defence. The firm has been involved with aerospace projects focusing on wing design, aeroelastic systems, aircraft structural components, composite materials, fuselage shape, turbine blades, and more. In the marine industry, ESTECO has contributed products and services to previous America's Cup challengers in the areas of foil optimization, sail shape optimization, rudder and bulb optimization, and hull hydrodynamics.

"We look forward to working hand-in-hand with ESTECO to provide our sailors with a Cup-winning design," said Marcelino Botin, founder and president of Botin Partners. "We are already many months into our design process, and our friends at ESTECO will be of great help as we seek innovative solutions the unique challenges posed by the AC75 class."

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