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The public is invited to observe the Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project (RIMAP) team demonstrate its work at 10 a.m. on Friday, September 29 on the webpage at The event will last 30-40 minutes and there is no special password. The live event will include the RIMAP archaeologists diving on an 18th-century shipwreck site in Newport harbor and a discussion on board the research vessel of what else may be found in the study area.

This shipwreck appears to be one of the five British transports scuttled in 1778 during the American Revolution that included the Lord Sandwich transport, formerly Captain James Cook's Endeavour Bark. The years 2018-2020 will see celebrations of Cook's Endeavour voyage in England, New Zealand, Australia, and elsewhere. The Australian National Maritime Museum is financially supporting RIMAP's work in Newport harbor and two ANMM marine archaeologists are participating with RIMAP's 2017 field team. Kevin Sumption PSM, Director & CEO of the Australian National Maritime Museum, said: "The Australian National Maritime Museum is delighted to continue our partnership with the Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project to continue the search for James Cook’s iconic HMB Endeavour. I wish them all the very best success as we take the next steps to identifying its final resting place."

Dr. D. K. (Kathy) Abbass, RIMAP's Executive Director and Principal Investigator, stated that it looks like the site to be shown in the September 29 video "appears to be quite disturbed, and possibly too small to be the Endeavour, but it is a process of elimination to determine which of the fives sites we have found could be that iconic vessel. Finding all of the ships in the study area is the first task, but proving which site is which ship is more complex." As RIMAP completes the preliminary fieldwork to locate the historic sites in the study area, the organization is also raising funds for the facility needed to conduct the sample analysis and artifact conservation that will confirm site identifications. Once the Lord Sandwich ex Endeavour® site is identified, the RIMAP facility will not only feature local maritime history, but it will be an international tourism destination for those passionate about exploration, Capt. Cook, and his Endeavour Bark.

screen shot from the webcam

Further information about RIMAP's work is posted on the website, and the September 29 video will also be posted there later. The area where the team is working can be seen any time at:

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