Jamestown, RI Follows Suit in Plastic Bag Ban

Published by MM Editor on Tuesday, 31st October 2017 - 3:33PM


September 18, 2017: Jamestown, RI Town Council Votes to Ban Plastic Bags as of Earth Day 2018

After much debate, it looks as though Jamestown will officially be following Newport, Middletown and Barrington, in banning the usage of plastic bags. After one failed attempt several years back with a nonbonding, voluntary ban, the Jamestown Town Council finally approved the movement 4-1 in mid-September. 

"It seems like everything was just falling in line," said Susan Maffei Plowden of Sustainable Jamestown. Along with committee members and town planner, Lisa Bryer, the group met with local retailers and the public to educate on the benefits of reducing plastic waste. The group also worked in accordance with Dave McLaughlin of Clean Ocean Access who led the successful initiations in both Middletown and Newport. The speakers focused their meetings on informing the community of how small personal choices such as simply turning down plastic bags and reusable straws can greatly enhance local shorelines, leaving a cleaner, much healthier bay. 

"We talked to people about what it means, not that there is a ban," stated Maffei Plowden.
"Most people really get it, it's just a matter of making it look easy," added Bryer. 

The Sustainable Jamestown Committee looks forward to using the time between now and Earth Day 2018 to further educate the public and local business on the effects of finalizing the switch to reusable bags. The goal is to obtain a sponsor to donate reusable bags to community members on Sunday April 22nd when the ordinance will be instated. 

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