The Jester Challenge 2018 to Rhode Island has Begun

Published by MM Editor on Friday, 18th May 2018 - 11:55AM


7 starters were confirmed although Doug had an accident ashore and may be a late starter – two others may start late. We wish Doug a speedy recovery.

The seven starters are:

  • Tim Luke in Medusa
  • Doug Pingel in Jekeeda 2
  • Chris Jackson in Sixpence
  • Howard Chivers in Sandpiper
  • Len Hiley in Emu
  • John Apps in Raven
  • Steve Hickey in Newlyn Magic

Near ideal conditions for the start with a warm sun and lightish southerly winds.

Only problem was the starting ‘cannon’ due to the absence of the normal ‘gunner’ (Peter Cameron) and the incompetence of Ewen S-T. However, the actual start gun was fired by Heather S-T as a tenth birthday present. ES-T will attend a gunnery refresher course by next year’s JBC – and a new firing pin will be fitted.

As always our immense thanks to the Commodore and Members of the TRSC and especially the staff for the BBQ, dinner and breakfast.

All we can do now is wish all JC 2018 skippers GOOD LUCK and much moons’l sailing to Newport.

Ewen S-T

Howard Chivers and Sandpiper

Received 16 May 201846:06.9N 017:00.5W

Late Yesterday we picked up an E flow under the high. Generally light, but at allowed a better day.

Received 15 May 2018

45:48.9N 014:27.5W

Almost no progress since yesterday. Light wind in the afternoon died by evening and hasn’t returned. This morning brought predictable fog. Annoying to be obliged to use Radar, given its power consumption.

Received 14 May 2018

46:00.0N 014:02.2W

One week out, and the exam report reads ‘needs to make better progress’.

The first few days were roughly as hoped, we headed rather south to avoid the worst of the incoming system. I hope other skippers were safe. Since then it has proved to be dificult to make to the west, mostly tacking 1/2 reefed directly into a strong westerly flow.

These signals have proved difficult to send, probably due to the amount of salt water over the boat. The sea state has also been a problem for cooking – I’ve only properly cooked 2 meals (using 2 pans) the rest have needed to be instant. I already have some breakdowns but the biggest issue is that the towed generator doesn’t, so I’m reliant on engine charging. I will need to look hard at likely progress v fuel, I’m still with shipping and don’t wish to risk turning off radio/AIS detection which is my main use of power.

Recieved 12 May 2018

47:43.2N 011:12.3W

Series of squalls in the night. Disappointing distance west today, despite good logged miles.

Message sent 12:00 UTC 11th May 2018

I came a little south to try to avoid the worst of the low that came through last night. I may have, but in any case we were treated to 6 hours of force 7/8… A slow wet day.

Position 12:00 UTC 10th May 2018

47:50.6N, 008:42.3W

Life was a little too rough for computers yesterday, now rather the opposite, light wind and a big swell. A shearwater followed me for a while yesterday repeatedly resting in the slick to our lee.

Information from Howard Chivers 12:00 UTC 8th May 2018

Position 49:25.2N, 005:28.8W

After the start we rather drifted and only managed Eddystone before dark, after that better progress.

Follow Howard’s progress using the link

John Apps and Raven

Received 16 May 2018 12:57

Raven at 42deg 06’N 017deg 14’W. Wind ne f4 1022 millibars.

Received 13 May 2018 13:03

Raven at 44deg 27’north 010deg 23’west. Dolphins earlier. John

Received 12th May 2018 13:04 BST

Raven at 45deg 51min N, 009deg 22min W. Getting F7 squall every hour with

heavy rain and even hail everything wet. John and OMGS

Received 11th May 2018 13:07 BST

Raven at 47deg 11min N, 009deg 38min W. Gale or near gale overnight, heaved to

for a few hours. John and the OMGS

Received 9th May 2018 12:54 BST

Raven at 48deg 25min North, 007deg 31 minWest. An intensity of stars last night.

Now thick cloud, wind SW F6. John

Chris Jackson and Sixpence

Chris is making good progress and his position and progress and notes can be followed on his Yellow Brick Tracker using the above link.

Tim Luke and Medusa

Tim is making good progress and can be tracked using his SPOT link above.

Jester Challenge Website HERE

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