Newport Police Youth Outreach-Salt Water Fishing

Published by MM Editor on Thursday, 10th August 2017 - 3:46PM


Newport Police Youth Outreach was a Success!

By Rebecca Whitelatch

Even though the fish weren't taking the bait, the Fort Adams water front was full of over 20 smiling young faces (officers included). Baiting hooks and casting lines (along with some snags) like old timers these youth were having a blast. The Newport Police teamed up with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife to provide a day of salt water fishing for local youth. As part of the Newport Police Department's Youth Outreach Program. For more information on this event or upcoming events Contact CPO Josh Wildes 401-845-5864 or email

Fresh calamari and lots of smiles!

Officer Wildes lending a hand.

Scott Travers with RIDEM provided the fishing gear.

What are the goals of community outreach?

• Increase citizen motivation to report crimes.

• Build trust and familiarity with the community.

• Create opportunities in which to engage community members.

• Increase officer safety.

Achieving these goals can foster an understanding of expectations on both sides of the police officers and the community. Every community operates differently and will have their own unique set of goals. There have been some great community outreach efforts this year and we hope this one will be added to the list.

Photo credit : Rebecca Whitelatch for copies please email me at

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