The Mysterious Incident Onboard SS Ourang Medan

Published by MM Editor on Tuesday, 31st October 2017 - 4:45PM


The mysterious and untimely demise of the SS Ourang Medan crew...

Out of all the stories of ghost ships out there, the demise of the SS Ourang Medan is perhaps the most notorious.The myth has it that in 1947 a distress call from a cargo ship off the coast of Indonesia was received: 

All officers including captain are dead lying in the chatroom and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead.

Before responders could help, a second call came in:

I die.
When rescuers boarded the ship, all crew members were indeed deceased, lying with contorted bodies as if trying to fend off an assailant. However, there were no signs of injury. When an engine room fire suddenly ignited, any chance of autopsy on the sailors was lost as the ship was abandoned and sank entirely, taking it's eery secret to the depths of the ocean. 

Some contradictory reports from a 1948 newspaper article site sulphuric acid as the cause of the mysterious demise of the SS Ourang Medan, negating any further paranormal conspiracies. Though, we may never come to know what exactly happened onboard that night.

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