Water Brother's Pro 2018

Published by MM Editor on Wednesday, 2nd May 2018 - 4:19PM




The 2nd Annual Water Brothers Pro 2018 in memory of Ryan Roberts will take place at Second Beach, Middletown RI as an ON-CALL Contest, to be run on ONE of the following dates:

May 12th - May 25th 2018

This date window provides 14 potential days we are permitted to run the WB PRO 2018 surf contest. Leading up to the event WB founder, Sid Abbruzzi, and his trusty board of advisors will be following swell predications closely. With up to date reports on social media, there will be an official call on the contest 48 hours prior to its start...

*NOTE: This is a wave reliant contest, if there are no waves, there will be no contest.


First OPEN PRO heat enters the water at 7:00 AM.. 


A $5000. Purse will be divided among the top six contestants.

48 surfers are welcome to enter the PRO contest at a fee of $100.

This entry fee will compile for the prize purse awarded to the winning contestants.

The OPEN PRO - opening round will consist of 48 surfers / 4 surfers per heat / Top 2 surfers in each heat advances to next round until final!

Top level judges will score the Open Pro.

prize purse divided and awarded as follows:

WB Pro 2018 Champion

1st Place - $2500

2nd Place $1000

3rd Place $600

4th Place $400

5th Place $300

6th Place $200

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