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1/2 Standard - 1/1 mobile
1/2 Standard - 1/1 mobile
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2/3 Standard - 1/1 mobile and centered
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MarineMotion TV is the first online multimedia network serving the marine industry, powered by YOUR content.


Tell your story more easily and effectively


Share it farther and faster than ever before


Expand your marketplace exponentially

Manage your content on our cloud app - see it instantly appear everywhere.

Tell a more powerful story with a media stream that suits your message.

Publish ONCE, distribute MANY;
• customers
• vendors
• media
• and more

Share your content with network partners

Need a new home for your web presence?

Marine Motion TV can be your website.

Use our cloud application to easily build content on your MarineMotion station

Then view it instantly on all the websites you install it to, or stations you network with.

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Tell a more powerful story with a media stream that suits your message


Then instantly share them to your social media network.

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Create unlimited multimedia presentations in moments combining:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Text
  • Links
  • YouTube Videos
  • Instant WebCam movies
    and photos
  • Social Media Content
  • Network Content
  • and more...

Publish ONCE Distribute MANY

Expand your marketing! Folks will see your MarineMotion TV on your website, and anywhere else on the web you install your station. Create unlimited channels and programs with them, and share all the content you want with dealers, vendors, customers, or on your multiple websites


Share your programming with network partners - including us!

Share content with marketing partners on their MarineMotion stations, and include their content in your station. All content on the network can be aggregated back to MarineMotion, expanding your visability. The possibilities are endless, and the opportunity to expand your market is amazing.

No home for your MarineMotion TV?


Let us BE your website...

Your MarineMotion page can be a complete website solution that is customizable with any design you care to add, or have the good guys at SayitRight Media develop for you. You can usually transfer your existing site design to our platform, AND have all the benefits and ease of our technology.

Ask us today for a complete solution to your marketing and web presence needs.